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  • Provides long lasting color.
  • Angular shape makes it easy to control the thickness.
  • Has a natural look even when layered.
  • Deposits color delicately.
  • Has a powdery.
  • Non cakey formula that’s resistant to water and sweat.
  • 0.35g
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A flat triangular shape + waterproof + long-lasting. A flat triangular shaped pencil enables you to apply to each hair clearly and delicately because it is easy to control the thickness depending on the angle. It gives a natural look regardless of repetitive applications. It is very powdery without being cakey or easily smudged that enables you to keep a natural pigmentation with a soft texture and to have your distinct eyebrows. It keeps the defined brow line with a long-lasting effect that is strong against sweat and water.

How to use

Fill out your brows with light, upward strokes of the pencil. Focus on sparse areas, feathering the pencil strokes so they resemble natural hair. The pigment should be concentrated on the arch and the tail of your eyebrow–the thicker area that is closer to your nose should be lighter and a little less dense. Again, using light strokes, brush the spoolie through your brow, from front to tail.



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