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  • A peel-off tinted gel formula that leaves brows with long-lasting color.
  • Provides rich, clean, even color
  • Helps deliver a fuller look to sparse strands; effortlessly defines and shades brows
  • Gel formula stains hairs with an ultra-lasting tint.
  • 8g
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It colors the eyebrows as if you tattooed them. Brow gel tattoo that makes eyebrows clear that last long.Colors: 1.Latte 2. Choco Brown

How to use

1. After washing the face, tidy up the eyebrow. Apply the tattoo gel in a thick layer
2. Dry the gel for at least 1 to 2 hours. If you want the color to be more strong, apply it before you sleep and remove it in the morning.
3. Remove it from the head or tail when it is completely dry. If you remove it too quickly, some brows may come off.
4. You will have natural and beautiful brows.



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